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National Marine Fisheries Service --(NMFS) Alaska Homepage Status of fisheries, catch statistics, news releases, weather and more.

Alaska Fisheries Science Center -- The National Marine Fisheries Service research branch responsible for fisheries research for the federal waters off Alaska and the west coast of the United States.

North Pacific Fishery Management Council -- One of the eight regional councils established by the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Management Conservation Act to oversee management of the nation's fisheries. The Council has primary responsibility for groundfish management in the Gulf of Alaska (GOA) and Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (BSAI).

North Pacific Marine Mammal Research Consortium -- A consortium of Pacific Northwest Universities conducting research into the relation of between fisheries and marine mammals in the North Pacific and Eastern Bering Sea. Research thus far has centered on the Steller sea lion.

National Marine Mammal Laboratory --(NMML) is a division of the NMFS responsible for conducting research on marine mammals, with particular attention to issues related to marine mammals off the coasts of Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration --(NOAA) A division of the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. NOAA oversees the National Marine Fisheries Service.

FAO Fisheries Page -- The fisheries arm of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations

Need industry news and links?

Gadus Associates -- The web's ultimate index of marine fisheries links.

IntraFish Media --The world’s leading seafood industry news provider, covering the seafood, fisheries and aquaculture industry through its monthly printed titles and its Web site, IntraFish.com.

National Fisheries Institute --(NFI) A trade association representing more than 1,000 companies in all aspects of the fish and seafood industry.

Seafood.com --The leader in all things seafood.

Seeking Product/Service Information?
The following APA Members and Associate Members have Internet Websites:

Alaska Air Forwarding Freight Management Systems Member since 2002
-- Full service transportation. Weekly ocean consolidation to Dutch Harbor. Air freight to/from Alaska. Procurement logistics from lower forty-eight and international origins via air and surface transport.

Alaska Ship Supply Member since 1988
-- Commercial fishing fleet support including clothing, groceries, marine hardware, bait, fishing gear, logistics, auto parts, and tires.

Alaskan Observers
Member since 1991
-- Contractor for federally-trained observers who serve as monitors onboard fishing vessls

American Seafoods Company
-- Producers of pollock roe, surimi, fillets and fishmeal, as well as Pacific whiting, and Pacific cod products.

Ballard Oil Company Member since 1990
-- Mobil lubricants, marine fuels, Westfalia Centrifuge and Luberfiner filters.

Banner Bank Member since 2005
-- Full service bank providing lending and deposit/saving services to businesses and individuals.

Bay Ship & Yacht Member since 2016
-- A full surevice shipyard, located in Alameda, California, offering full repair services to the fishing, workboat and passenger fleets.

Bellingham Cold Storage Member since 1990
-- Freezing, processing, cold storage and ice service in Bellingham, Washington.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel Member since 1991
Travel agency specializing in the travel needs of the fishing industry with service locations in Anchorage, Dutch Harbor and Seattle.

Cascade Machinery and Electric Member since 1990
-- Sales and service of pumps motors, and air compressors.

City of Unalaska
-- Unalaska is the nation's number one commercial fishing port.  It has been for many years a major support center for many APA vessels providing port services and many other services to the fleet.

CITYICE Cold Storage/Seafreeze Member since 1988
--Cold storage; warehousing; distribution rail car loading; marine terminal for direct vessel discharge.

Cloud Trading/Fairn & Swanson Member since 1990
-- Sea stores/duty-free, alcohol, beer, wine, candy and soda.

Coastal Villages Pollock
-- Bering Sea pollock, pollock roe; surimi, fillets; fishmeal and fish oil.

Delta Western, Inc. Member since 2011
-- Providing fuel and lubricant needs in Alaska for more than 25 years.

Fishermen's News Member since 2012
-- Founded in 1945, Fishermen’s News is the oldest commercial fishing publication on the Pacific Coast, and the only independently owned commercial fishing publication in the market. We focus on the business issues affecting the West Coast commercial fishing fleet.

Foss Shipyard Member since 2013

--Full Service Shipyard;vessel construction;hybrid conversions; project managment; engineering

Garvey Schubert Barer Member since 1992
-- Providing legal services for the fishing industry.

Glacier Fish Company, LLC
-- Producers of pollock roe, fillets and surimi, as well as Pacific whiting, and Pacific cod products.

Govenor Control System, Inc. Member since 2015

--Woodward distributor & Basler Service Center

Hagen, Kurth, Perman & Co. P.S. Member since 2005
-- Fishing industry consultants providing a broad range of tax, accounting, financial statement and consulting services, including expertise in capital construction funds and interest charge discs, while developing long-term professional business relationships with closely held companies and individuals.

Hempel USA Inc. Member since 2014
-- Servicing the marine industry for 100 years carrying a full line of high quality marine coatings including antifoulings, expoxies, polyurethanes, tanks coatings, abrasion resistant products, non-skids, and many other products.

Jensen Maritime Consultants, Inc. Member since 1989
-- Naval architects, marine engineers, engineering management and marine consultants.

Jotun Paint, Inc. Member since 2012
-- The leader in Marine coatings throughout the world.

KAPSTONE Member since 1989
-- Corrugated shipping containers and totes.

Kibble & Prentice Member since 2011

--Kibble & Prentice understands the complex issues the fishing industry faces. We have specialists in health & welfare benefits, retirement plan services, executive benefits, property & casualty insurance, as well as private client services.

Lafferty's Pharmacy Member since 1989
-- Medical supplies, prescription medication, flu-shots, sundries and other ship store supplies.

Landis & Associates Member since 2003
-- Landis & Associates represents maritime employers as a third party administrator for unemployment claims. Landis minimizes an employer’s unemployment tax liability by managing all aspects of the controllable complex business operating expense.

Marine Conservation Alliance Member since 2003
-- Research on, education about and advocacy for science-based sustainable use of North Pacific marine resources.

Marine Systems, Inc. Member since 2012
-- MSI is recognized for its diesel engine repair, remanufacturing, and replacement parts. They are the authorized Alfa Laval distributor along with sales and service of watermakers, pumps, OWS and MSD Systems.

Matson Member since 1993
-- Containerized ocean transportation to/from Alaska with direct weekly and twice-weekly vessel calls in Dutch Harbor, Kodiak, and Anchorage.

Maxum Petroleum Member since 1997
-- Providing the delivery of quality fuel and lubricants to the factory trawler fleet throughout the Puget Sound area.

MCM Member since 2000
-- An independent insurnace broker that specialized in providing property, cargo, liability, hull & machinery/protection and indemnity, emplyoee benefits, disability income, etc to the marine/seafood community.

Mundt MacGregor L.L.P. Member since 1991
-- Attorneys at Law specializing in fisheries, quota share transactions, License Limitation issues, maritime, Coast Guard documentation, immigration and litigation.

Naust Marine USA Member since 2012
-- Supply of winches and ATW winch controls for Electrical winches in fishing vessel. AutoGen power management systems for generators in vessels.

North Pacific Fuel Member since 1998
-- Provide sales and delivery of marine fuels and lubricants throughout Western Alaska. Warehousing, storage, and equipment rentals are available in Dutch Harbor.

Northland Services, Inc.
-- Common carrier tug and barge company offering regular scheduled service between Seattle and major ports of call in Alaska.

NPFVOA Vessel Safety Program Member since 1992
-- A non-profit association for commercial fishermen, totally dedicated to safety education and hands-on safety training, and environmental issues as they relate to public health and safety. NPFVOA was developed in cooperation with the U.S. Coast Guard in 1985.

Offshore Systems, Inc.
-- OSI is a full-service marine terminal in Dutch Harbor offering diesel, lubricants, warehousing, cold storage, freight and product handling.

Pacific Fishermen's Shipyard Member since 2011
--Pacific Fishermen is a full service shipyard established in 1946 to service tugboats, passenger cruise, charter boats and yachts as well as the traditional fishing vessels. PFI Marine Electric in Seattle and Dutch Harbor at Lunde Marine is a full service marine electrical contractor with UL 508 Panel Shop.

Pacific Fishing Magazine Member since 1997
-- A monthly publication with an emphasis on business and issues related to the commercial fishing industry.

Perkins Coie, LLP Member Since 2011
-- Provides environmental and regulatory counsel on all state and federal matters.

Port of Seattle Member since 2011
-- Port of Seattle provides moorage, cargo handling facilities, office and warehouse space, yard area, and equipment rental to support all maritime sectors including the North Pacific fishing fleet.

Puget Sound Accounting, Inc.
Member since 2004
-- Accounting, bookkeeping, and office management for vessel owners and related seafood industry businesses. In business since 1979.

Rena International Member since 1988
-- Cartolit fishblock liners, Bo Anderson freezer frames, Fiskevegn longline gear, BFG longline systems, Eagle Claw fishing hooks, Ovatek rigid life rafts, full spectrum of packaging products, including; solid fibre boxes, cartons, corrugated boxes, poly, paper/polywoven bags (H&G bags), polywoven bags (fish meal bags), labels, marking, etc.

Rogge Member since 1988
-- Full food service supplier: groceries, produce, meats, dairy, frozen foods, bakery items, cleaning supplies, housekeeping & galley equipment.

RSM US LLP Member since 1988
-- Tax and business planning and consulting, business valuations, financial statements and tax returns.

Samsun Tug & Barge Member since 1997
-- Year-round scheduled barge service from Seattle to Sitka, Valdez/Fairbanks, Cordova, Seward/Anchorage, Kodiak, King Cove & Dutch Harbor. Alaskan owned and operated.

Sea State, Inc. Member since 1996
-- Provide catch and bycatch monitoring services for the fleet, as well as custom written software for individual companies.

SeaShare Member since 1996
-- SeaShare is a non-profit agency that links the seafood industry to food banks.

Servco Pacific Insurance Member since 2010
-- Servco Insurance Services specializes in insurance for maritime related industries, offering a full range of marine, property, casualty, employee benefits and personal lines products.

Sogda Limited Member since 2013
-- Eastern European distributor and processor of H&G whole round and value-added groundfish of Pacific Ocan orgin.

Sound Ocean Metal Fabricators, LTD
Member Since 1988
-- Design, fabricate and install seafood processing equipment for H&G, fillet, surimi and surimi analogue lines. All inclusive service for processing equipment, wastewater treatment, fish meal and metal fabrication.

Starbound, LP
-- Products: pollock block, mince, roe; Cod block, and surimi.

Sullivan & Richards, LLP Member since 2016
-- Legal services to the commercial fishing and maritime industries.

Sysco Food Services of Seattle Member since 2017
-- Sysco Seattle's Marine group specializes in grocery sales to both local and distant locations. They provide quality food service products at competitive prices and offer professional menu assistance.

Teknotherm Refrigeration Member since 2015
-- Fabrication, service, design and repairs for all types of marine refrigeration systems, including plate freezer, RSW, RFW and ice machines, ammonia and C02 specialist, automation controls, Worldwide service.

Trident Seafoods Corporation
-- Products: Bering Sea pollock, pollock roe, fillets, fishmeal and fish oil.

Vigor Marine LLC Member since 1998
-- Build, repair, convert and maintain factory trawlers and commercial vessels.

Wells Fargo Insurance Services Member since 1994
-- All lines of insurance and bonds, with a strong emphasis on insurance and risk management for the seafood industry.

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The Alaska pollock fishery is widely recognized and certified as a well-managed and sustainable fishery. For information about Alaska pollock products, please contact APA member companies directly or visit the Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers website at www.alaskapollock.org.

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