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The At-sea Processors Association’s (APA’s) Community Catch program provides more than one million seafood meals annually to local and national food banks. Most of the donated seafood is Alaska pollock and cod, which is harvested in the well-managed and abundant Bering Sea fisheries. The Community Catch program represents a commitment by APA seafood companies to help end hunger in America by providing wholesome and nutritious products. Seafood is currently one of the largest sources of protein in domestic food assistance programs.
Arctic Storm's Serving Group
APA works in partnership with SeaShare, a Northwest non-profit that links the seafood industry with Feeding America (www.feedingamerica.org) and formerly America’s Second Harvest), the largest domestic hunger relief organization with more than 200 regional food banks. In 2002, APA’s Community Catch program received Feeding America’s Special Recognition Award, honoring the association’s extraordinary efforts to feed hungry Americans.

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The seafood donated by APA’s Community Catch program is distributed in all regions of the U.S. APA recognizes and appreciates the contributions of secondary processors, rail and marine shipping companies and cold storage operators that play an important role in helping package, transport and store donated seafood for reduced or no cost.

The six APA member companies that participate in the Community Catch program are American Seafoods Company; Arctic Storm, Inc.; Coastal Villages Pollock; Glacier Fish Company; Starbound Ltd. Partnership; and Trident Seafoods Corporation. These six seafood companies own and operate 16 U.S.-flag catcher/processor vessels that participate in the Bering Sea and west coast groundfish fisheries.

APA is a seafood trade association with offices in Seattle, Juneau, and Washington, D.C. For further information about APA’s Community Catch Program, please contact Jim Gilmore at ph. (206) 669-6396 or by e-mail at jgilmore@atsea.org.

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The Alaska pollock fishery is widely recognized and certified as a well-managed and sustainable fishery. For information about Alaska pollock products, please contact APA member companies directly or visit the Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers website at www.alaskapollock.org.

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