APA Associate Member Program

The Associate Member Program fosters goodwill and good business between APA members and vendors. The Associate Member Program also helps to support APA’s critical work with federal fishery managers, scientists, and elected representatives to improve the industry and ensure sustainable fisheries.

Membership benefits include:

* Breakfast Meetings: March, May, & September

Three meetings a year designed to keep Associate Members informed about timely issues relevant to our industry. Each Breakfast Meeting features a different guest speaker.

* Summer Social: July BBQ dinner, drinks, door prizes, and fun are the order of the day. APA hosts this event each July.

(Stephanie Madsen going for the balloon toss win at the 2011 Summer Social at Pacfic Fishermen's Shipyard)

* Holiday Dinner: December APA hosts this event each December to celebrate the successes of the year and enjoy the season with our business associates.

*After Hours: An optional event hosted by individual Associate Members at their offices. A fun easy way to socialize and share information about their company. APA hosts two After Hours events a year.

* Membership Directory: Updated each year, the Membership Directory is a handy reference for Members and over 50 Associate Members. Your company will also be listed on our website.

Associate member dues are assessed annually. Dues may be prorated for members joining late in the year. The three categories of membership based on an annual level of economic interaction with APA members are:

A -- Membership for business at $50,000/year or less: $500
B -- Membership for business at $50,000 to $500,000: $1,000
C -- Membership level for business in excess of $500,000: $2,000

For further information about APA’s Associate Member Program, contact Melinda Schmitt at (206) 285-5139 or melinda@atsea.org.


Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers
The Alaska pollock fishery is widely recognized and certified as a well-managed and sustainable fishery. For information about Alaska pollock products, please contact APA member companies directly or visit the Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers website at www.alaskapollock.org.

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